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Gerbing's Heated Jacket Liner & T1 Gloves

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FREE Junior Temperature Controller
Gerbings Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner & T5 Heated Motorcycle Gloves



Save with Gerbings Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner
& T1 Heated Motorcycle Gloves combo deal



With FREE UK Mainland P&P and

FREE Gerbing Junior Temperature Controller 



Great savings to be had this winter on this heated motorcycle clothing combination deal.



Heated Motorcycle Jacket Liner


  • Heating pads on the chest, back, collar, and sleeves
  • Compressible, water-repellent, durable, Thinsulate® insulation
  • Teflon® coated, wind-resistant, soft nylon shell
  • Inside and outside pockets
  • Silky soft micro denier collar
  • Form-fitting patterns and sizing to fit snugly and easily under your outer
  • garmentsForm-fitting patterns and sizing to fit snugly and easily under your outer garments
  • Glove plug pockets placed on the sleeves secure the plugs when not in use
  • Power Distribution Unit eliminates dangling cords
  • Dual 2 Wiring configuration (for one user only)
  • Lifetime warranty on heating elements
  • Incorporates Gerbing's Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibres to surround the body with warmth



Note:  This is a heated motorcycle jacket liner, to be worn underneath your regular motorcycling jacket.  Worn on it's own, you are at risk of looking like a bouncer.



How it Works







Heat                 Microwire® Heat Technology
Source             12-volts DC
Current            6.4 amps
Watts               77 watts
Surface Temp   135°F +/- 5°F at 32°F



Gerbing's Chest Size: Your Gerbing's Chest Size is different from your actual Chest Measurement.  Measure your chest around the fullest area of the chest, holding tape firm and level. Hold arms out, place tape, drop arms and record measurement.  Reference the chart below to determine your Gerbing's Chest Size from your actual chest measurement.  If your stomach is larger than your chest, use the larger measurement.


Actual Sleeve Size: With arm in riding position, measure from the back, start from the center of neck, over point of shoulder, around back of elbow and down outside of arm to the wrist.  This sleeve measurement is your actual sleeve size.  If your sleeve measurement falls between two sizes, then go up to the next sleeve size.



 Chest Size (inches)
 Sleeve Size (inches)
 Jacket Liner Size






Gerbing T1 Heated Motorcycle Gloves


An excellent waterproof, textile heated glove which can be used for scooters, quads, pilots, etc. You can power the gloves with the battery of a vehicle.


These gloves are not suitable for motorcycling



  • Leather on palms for grip
  • The glove heats the entire length of each finger including the thumb as well as the back of your hand
  • Tactile
  • Windproof - Breathable
  • Hypora® waterproof, breathable membrane
  • Thinsulate® insulation for greater warmth and dexterity
  • Incorporates Gerbing's Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibres to surround the hand with warmth.
  • Lifetime warranty on the Microwire® heating elements 



Gloves include: battery hook-up & harness and FREE glove/insole harness with inline Junior Temp. Controller. 


Cable Splitter:  If you intend to connect the gloves to the Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner or Single Temperature Controller, then you will need a Cable Splitter to enable the jacket and gloves to be heated at the same time.  Please select it from the Options List.


How it Works





Heat:               Microwire
Source:           12V DC
Current:          2.2A
Watts:             27
Surface Temp  57°C/135°F (±2°C/5°F at 0°C/32°F)



Hand Measurement:  Measure around flat hand at knuckles, thumb excluded.  Use this measurement to determine your glove size.  



Glove Size: The following table shows a Glove Size based on your hand measurement.


 Hand Size (cms)
 Glove Size







Temperature Controllers:


The gloves come with a free Junior Temperature Controller.


The jacket as delivered is ready to go, i.e. you need not purchase any accessories to make it work.  Insoles plug into the trousers, trousers into the jacket and the jacket to the bike.  Gloves can either plug into your jackets dual controller or a single controller with a splitter. 


In the absence of a temperature controller, temperature is controlled only by plugging/unplugging from the bike.  If you're not up for a temp. controller, then for convenience we recommend buying the Lighted On/Off Switch.  Think; the flick of a switch vs. unplugging electrical connectors!


The purpose of Temp. Controllers is to allow the rider to vary the heat output.  Dial in your comfort level with a simple turn of the dial!  Unlike older rheostat type thermostats, Gerbing's digital temp controllers draw just enough current to maintain the heat you need.  Temp. Controllers allow you to adjust for your desired heat output of all 12v products, but are not designed to be used with 7v products. 


The single temp. controller sets the same temperature for all clothing items.  With the dual controller, the gloves are on a different circuit from the jacket, trousers and insoles and thus can be set to a different temperature.  This is very useful as hands seem to suffer most from wind chill.  So you can keep your hands toasty warm whilst not getting a sweat on elsewhere!  Permanent controllers are set into the fairing panel and requires 'hole drilling'! 


For more information on controllers, Click on the links below.  Select your preference from the accessory list at the top of this page.


Portable Controller and cover

Portable Dual Controller and cover

Permanent Controller

Permanent Dual Controller


Note: If you are purchasing a single controller to use with one of the jackets that are wired with the Dual 2 wiring systems, you will need to purchase a splitter if you choose to operate other heated clothing with the jacket.


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